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Mullite-Silicon Carbide Hybrids Vulcasil H – Hybrid Mullite-Silicon Carbide Refractories

Vulcan Refractories is a leading supplier of Silicon Carbide Refractories to various businesses and industries around the world.

Vulcasil H has been meticulously engineered to meet the diverse needs of companies around the world.

Vulcasil H- Superior Hybrid Refractories 

This carefully curated range of Silicon Carbide Refractories by blending precise proportions of mullite and silicon carbide. A unique combination allows for the manipulation and regulation of thermal conductivity while preserving exceptional mechanical strength. By adjusting the ratios of mullite and silicon carbide, Vulcasil H allows for tailored control over thermal conductivity, ensuring optimal performance in a variety of applications.

Despite variations in thermal conductivity, Vucasil H retains exceptional mechanical strength, providing a durable and long-lasting refractory solution.

Key Features:

Precision Blending
Customisable thermal properties
Maintained mechanical strength


Glass Manufacturing
Ceramics Industry
Metal Casting
Heat Treatment Processes
Incineration & Waste to Energy

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