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Zircon and Zirconia Vulcasil Z – Zirconia and Zircon Based Materials

Vulcan Refractories is a global supplier of Vulcasil Z – Zirconia and Zircon Based Materials.

Meticulously engineered to meet the diverse needs of companies worldwide. Our Zirconia and Zircon-based materials are designed for applications ranging from metal powder manufacture to linings for glost kilns.

Vulcasil Z: Advanced Zirconia and Zircon Based Materials 

Zirconia, a white crystalline oxide of zirconium, boasts unparalleled refractory properties. Its resistance to molten metals and slags, combined with the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures, makes it an ideal choice for demanding applications.

Vulcasil Z materials also maintain their properties even under fluctuating temperatures, ensuring consistent performance over time.

Key Features: 

High Temperature Resistance
Chemical Inertness
Thermal Stability


Foundry and Metal Casting
Ceramics Manufacturing
Glass Production
Chemical Processing

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