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ZEROX – Ultra Low Oxidation Silicon Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide

Vulcan Refractories is a premium supplier of ZEROX – Ultra Low Oxidation Silicon Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide Refractories globally.

Our cutting-edge silicon nitride-bonded silicon carbide refractory is engineered to set new industry standards. Developed with a focus on superior oxidation resistance. ZEROX offers unparalleled performance compared to standard products, ensuring extended refractory life, and reduced maintenance requirements.

Zerox: Revolutionising Refractory Performance 

ZEROX is specifically formulated to provide significantly superior oxidation resistance compared to conventional silicon carbide refractories. This groundbreaking feature ensures prolonged refractory life, reducing downtime and maintenance costs for users.

Key Features:

Extended refractory life
Reduced maintenance costs
Minimised downtime
Operational efficiency and productivity


Waste-to-energy facilities
Kiln furniture
Other high-temperature applications

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