Case Study Paint and Powder
Dry Water Based Paints Vulcatherm Ceramic Infra-Red Emitters are used by PES as an essential part of the dryers it manufactures. Benefits over traditional convection heating methods include the virtual elimination of airborne dust, for example in the tunnel dryer supplied to Showpla for the curing of sprayed finishes on television and video recorder casings. The result is a better quality product with reduced spoilage rates which contributes to an overall improvement in production capacity. Vulcatherm Ceramic Infra-Red Emitters also provide benefits in ease of installation when utilising standard Reflector and Mounting Systems. The reliability has been proven in many finishing processes in a wide range of industries from automotive to white goods on both cellulose and water based paints. Application Information Emitter Type V1 1000W V1 500W V1 400W V1 300W Unit Rating 62.0 Kw Power Density 7.75Kw m-2re by thermally induced polymerisation

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