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Solder Reflow

Vulcatherm’s Ceramic Infra-Red Heaters are used in Reflow Machinery in the production of surface mounted circuit boards

Accurate temperature control is required throughout the process to enable the solder to be melted without damaging the components
Initially the component is fixed into position with adhesive before entering the four zone reflow unit. In the first zone the solder paste is heated to release solvent used in printing the circuits. The second zone causes the flux to flow. The third and fourth zones increase the temperature progressively to 210°C to 220°C at which temperature reflow occurs

Temperature control is achieved utilising embedded thermocouples within the heaters, monitored and controlled by computer software enabling accurate control to be achieved

The programme allows changes in conveyor speed, zone temperature and the rate of temperature change to be adjusted

Even temperature distribution and the non-colour selectivity of the emitters- provides enhanced manufacturing quality, reducing rework and scrap to a minimum

Application Information
Emitter Type V1 150W
V1 300W
V2 200W
V2 250W
Unit Rating 15.5 Kw
Power Density 20.9kW M-2



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