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Case Study Ceramics

Litho Pre-Heat

An international pottery manufacturer has brought in 200 infra-red heaters specially designed by Vulcan to increase the effectiveness of its china and earthenware decoration and improve the work conditions of its operators.
The company had installed heaters to perform the pre-heating process necessary to ensure the litho transfers take properly, using an open element and spun aluminium shade packed with insulating material attached to the arm of an anglepoise table lamp. Using this lamp, the operator had to sit uncomfortably close to the heater to remove any condensation from the ware.

Initially introduced at the hotelware plant in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, the Vulcan heaters use a Vulcatherm V6 500W ceramic infra red emitter within two reflectors, one inside another with insulating material between them.
Electrical engineer Jim Belcher explains the benefits of the new system: “It reaches the same temperature but is much more comfortable to work with. The double reflector also allows the heat to be directed with greater accuracy to heat holloware such as cups.”



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