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Case Study Plastics


Medium wave Quartz infra-red emitters are utilsed in upper and lower heating platens fitted to thermoforming machinery for the pre-heating of plastic sheet prior to forming into fridge interiors, by white goods manufacturer Candy

The modular format of the Q5 and Q10 heaters has a number of benefits in the application, particularly the large heater to product ratio and and individual control zone areas allowing for control over the heater input to compensate for edge convection losses
Zoning the heater platen also helps to compensate for shape factors that cause thinning of material, enabling minimum material thickness to be used

Rapid response enables energy savings by automatic power-off switching when the heater is in the standby position, during the forming cycle

Quartz infra red heaters are used throughout the plastics industry in the manufacture of components for aerospace, automotive and packaging applications.



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