The Vulcatherm Ceramic Infra-red emitter range offers an energy efficient heating source.  The ceramic emitter comprises a nickel heating element embedded in a glazed ceramic body.


Features of the Vulcatherm ceramic infra-red emitters include:

  • Operating temperatures typically 300 to 700°C
  • Power output 50 to 1500 Watts (equivalent to 40 kW/m2)
  • Voltages supplied 110 to 480V
  • Energy efficient
  • Low cost
  • The heating method utilises long wavelength infra-red heat radiation
  • Operating life typically 10,000 hours
  • Excellent temperature control and even heating
  • Rapid response times.
  • Clean heat source
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Power and voltage requirements made to the customers requirements
  • A large range of standard emitter size, power and voltages available