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Food Industry : Temperature Maintenance

Vulcatherm ceramic infra red emitters are ideal for food temperature maintenance

Salamander Fabrications Ltd of Huddersfield has been using infra red emitters in its fish and chip ranges for 20 years. The ceramic long wave V1 infra-red emitters provide a cost effective controllable and reliable heat source for the 200 warming cabinets Salamander sells each year.
The emitters are rated at 500 watts 240 volts and are thermostatically controlled. They are hard wearing with a long life expectancy of more than 10,000 working hours

The glazed surface of Vulcatherm ceramic emitters means they are easy to wipe clean, making them suitable for food applications

They are also safer than traditional heating elements. Salamander Fabrications Ltd managing director Brian Haskell said ” People use metal utensils to serve fish and chips from these cabinets and can easily damage traditional (quartz) heating elements. Being ceramic, with Vulcatherm emitters, there is no risk of getting broken glass in the food”



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